Best Choice for Clash of Kings!

We have collaborated with Sound of Games to make really amazing ingame sound. They totally got the vibe that we wanted to create with the music within Clash of Kings. Consummate professionals!
Demi Yang
Senior Producer, Elex Tech


SOUND of GAMES was founded in 2010 by Filipp Issa and Michael Emperiom. Their goal is simple but high: Make music and sound that players fall in love with! And their dedication works: Filipp and Michael receive hundreds of fan letters from around the globe, from gamers that simply love listening to their music while playing their favorite games.

Over the years, Filipp and Michael have built close relationships with game developers around the world. But instead of growing the company into something huge and going into mass production, they have chosen to serve a small but select group of game developers. Sound of Games takes an extraordinary approach that places close partnerships over B2B businesses.

Filipp and Michael focus on delivering excellent service and take responsibility for making every game a success. Cutting corners is not their thing! They want to be a part of your journey from the conception, till the time you climb the charts. The focus is always on gamers and the best possible gaming experience they can have.

They always surpass my high expectations!

Working with Filipp and Michael has been one of the best collaborations I ever had in my career. I love their creative mindset – and that they always go the extra mile.
Sebastian Nuszbaum
Vice President New Games, Wooga


Michael Emperiom is a classically trained composer who can easily write orchestra arrangements by hand. He studied classical composition and audio engineering and is part of the last generation to learn to record fully analog, on a large mixing desk and a tape machine.

Before founding Sound of Games with Filipp, Michael was the lead studio producer for Early Bird Records, a Hamburg-based studio complex, where he composed for film and television, made foley and synchronization recordings, and produced countless international music acts.

His first contact with the field was in music pre-school, where, at the age of 4, he argued with his teacher that his name should be sung in 5th intervals rather than in major 3rds. At 5, his grandfather, also a musician, gifted Michael his first violin. When he started university at 20, he already had 8 years of orchestra experience. At school, while struggling with his grades, he scored and produced for local rock bands and hiphop acts, starting with the ProTracker software on his Amiga 500. And he also spent countless hours playing video games!

So began the symbiosis between music and video games. But before Michael could be ready for Sound of Games, he had to perfect his skills: During and after university, Michael had the honor to learn songwriting and producing from legends who worked with Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson and scored music for famous movies and television series. He did it for 10 years, and he truly can say that there’s no genre of audio production he hasn’t played with!

Sound Of Games are the Masters!

Sound Of Games are the masters in game music and sfx. I’m always excited about their work.
Thomas Hoechsmann
Managing Director, Jam City Berlin


Filipp was literally born into the entertainment industry. His family business brought him into the organization of huge music events pretty early on, and pretty soon, Filipp was running a successful DJ act all over clubs in Berlin.

After studying marketing at university, Filipp became a consultant for Sony and started a couple of successful ventures: He organized Germany’s biggest center game event and founded Gameskoepfe, the biggest games industry network in German-speaking countries, which led to him becoming the official games industry ambassador.

So, when Filipp decided to found Sound of Games together with Michael, his goals were clear: being the first mover in new game audio areas and rising to the #1 position.

Filipp has made Sound of Games an internationally successful brand, and his innovation does not stop here

Michael, on Filipp,

“Like no other, Filipp is on the pulse of innovation and market development. I have seen him foresee big industry changes long before they actually happened, and I often heard myself saying, ‘This is something that you predicted years ago’.

He always has the bigger picture in sight, not only for games but for the whole entertainment industry.

His innovations include our first record label, our switch from console over online to mobile games, our first NFT and more that will inform Sound of Games in the future.

When I am working in the studio, I am glad that Filipp is paving the path to the future for our company!”